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May 31 - June 2

Pray America | Friday, May 31 @ 7p 

Saturday Service | June 1 @ 6p

Sunday Service | June 2 @ 10a & 6p

January 5-7

February 1-4*

March 1,3**

April 5-7

May 3,5**

May 31 - June 2

July 12-14

August 2-4

September 6,8**

October 4-6 

November 1-3

December 6-8

*Doorkeeper of Revival: Intensive (Click Here To Register)


**On-Location Pray Americas

March 1st: Friday 7 pm in Seattle WA 

March 3rd: Sunday 10 am @ Fresh Start Church, Phoenix, AZ

May 3rd: Friday, 7p in Atlanta, GA

May 5th: Sunday 10a @ Fresh Start Church, Phoenix, AZ

Sept 6th: Friday 7p in Washington, DC

Sept 8th: Sunday 10a @ Fresh Start Church, Phoenix, AZ




14185 N 83rd Ave
Peoria, AZ 85381



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This vile spirit seeks to hinder the flow of the holy spirit and to block the receptivity of the seeker, causing us to settle for a lesser quantity and quality of spiritual encounter. Religion has many faces and manifestations, but when it comes down to it, it is anything that keeps you from entering the fullness of the Lord.

Sustained revival is doing what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to keep the door of revival open and fire burning on the altar. Sustained revival is not only what the Lord desires, but I believe it is what most Christians and pastors desire and it is what the world needs to see: a church ablaze with Holy Ghost fire. The question remains, are we willing to do what it takes?


This book is for Judah. It's to reignite, reposition, and reestablish the mantle, mandate, and holy calling of the praise-filled warrior. It's time for Judah to once again stand in her position of living on the frontlines, going before, making way, and most of all, making sure that the King of Glory has His Glory.

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