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2024 Applications closed.
Accepting new applications 2025



In the assignment of revival (the sustained presence and power of God that results in transformation), a doorkeeper guards the door to the city or region making certain that revival has an access point. A doorkeeper is a watchman with spiritual keys of authority, their assignment is to keep that door open and not allow it to go unattended.


A relationship that is formed based on like-mindedness, accord, and kinship in interests (revival). It is the state of being joined. 

Having stewarded sustained revival for 8 full years within a local church, our desire is to come alongside pastors and local church leaders to support in birthing, building, and sustaining revival. Early in our journey, there wasn’t really anything or anyone to look to as a pattern or support in all the nuances of stewarding revival as well as pastoring a local church. We have come to realize that you must give focus to both yet also be able to unite both. The demand for this is weighty on both leadership and attenders, yet the results are Book of Acts. With the demands of recent decades that have been put on church leaders to grow big churches, there has been a decline in birthing moves of God. The default has gone to the appearance of success rather than the substance of God’s glory. Numerical success doesn’t always equate to revival. The road back to glory and people who are not just attenders, but contenders is what we would like to help you navigate. DOR Alliance will be a source and resource to look to, lean on and connect with to find support, encouragement, and guidance as you birth, build, and
sustain revival in your region.


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Pastors Paul and/or Kim, as well as their church staff, will be doing monthly online teachings or impartations; they will also make themselves available to schedule calls or emails for questions or prayer.

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There are no fees or dues to join. 

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Fresh Start Church and DOR Alliance will host an annual gathering in Phoenix, AZ as a rallying point for all regions to come together for the cause of a nation-shaking, history-making revival to our nation as well as building relationships with other like-minded pastors and ministry leaders.



14185 N 83rd Ave
Peoria, AZ 85381



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